Transforming ideas into impactful technological solutions.

We are a group of engineers born into middle-class families in India, driven by a deep passion to innovate and create something impactful and useful. We believe that innovation does not happen in just one place; if an idea or entity fails to make a significant impact on the masses, true innovation cannot occur. Inventions may take place in a single lab or location, but innovation requires widespread adoption and impact.


Our Hardowrking Team

Nisarg Desai

Founder / Director

He has experience in this field more than years worked on international projects in very complex domain such as `Internet Of Things`,`Health Tech`, `Fin-Tech`,`GPS System`,`HR Teach` and other `Open Source CMS/ERP/CRM small to big Enterprise Management` Domains.

Ujval Desai

Software Engineer

He is passionate Software Engineer just getting Started after completing his BCA (Bechlour In Computer Application) degree. and already deliver applications with in just years.

Meet Desai

Business Analyst

He used to be Succesful Mechanical Engineer but Curiousity of IT/Software World`s Potential Impact in Contemporary time bring him into Information Technology and Software world he is someone who want to understand every system of every business in-side out.