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Yojnakar Innovation is an confederation founded by Nisarg Desai with intention to do something innovative in the field of Engineering and Innovation in General.

Vision & History


We are group of engineers that born in middle class family in india. and we have very high level of passion for do something innovative and useful. and we belive that innovation do not happened at just once place,if any entity/idea did not make good impact on the mass. Invention could be take place in one lab or place but innovation could not because innovation is a one kind of upgradation of mass.

In india and i guess any country that is in currently developing stage. people that have passion for do something good and necessary do need to face, too many unwanted problems and most of them was lacking of awareness and lacking of knwoledge that what or which concepts must need to adapted on very deep ethical level.

By unifying this confederation we want to create the projects that will promote the those concepts that are key for innovation or make a good change in world.

“Yojnakar” means “the person having vivid imaginations and intention to execute it”. It is a word that is a combination of two different hindi word “Yojna” = Project + “Kar” = Creater. We are idealist nerds with many ideas. We have intentions to do something that will help to world.
As a part of our effort we created the site www.engineersheaven.org - which is first ever social networking site that will improvise and appreciate Engineering.

We created this site for Engineers that have some innovative ideas, confusions, questions and their own thoughts which they can share, discuss and broadcast.


On 5-May-2013 Nisarg Desai started to develop www.engineersheaven.org from his home in his free time. He discussed with his friend Utkarsh Shah about the site and asked him to join for its designing, testing and development. As they both were busy with their work, it took around two years to complete the development and first beta was launched on 3rd April 2015. It was very hard to manage time for the development. They often worked on weekends, holidays and late nights to complete the project.

The idea came up to Nisarg’s mind when he once went to vadodara city for appearing exams of the first section of the Institute of Engineers India graduation course. He got the idea while discussing about engineering topics, question-answers, unrealistic invention ideas, etc. with his fellow engineers who came from different engineering fields. One of his fellow talked about how computer engineers have the special advantage of the internet as they can easily find answers to their questions on any subject regarding computer engineering. There are many sites providing e-learning and community driven question-answers too.
He searched and found that there is a very less resource available for all engineering fields other than computer engineering.
He was passionate to make a site for all engineers and giving them something innovative. He wanted to do something that matters to an engineer.

We started Yojnakar Innovation to continue to improve our project, to make new projects. that promote the concepts that are key for making innovation or I should text continues progress of all the human kind and living organisms of the world.

Project: "Engineers Heaven"

We believe that an Engineer is a very valuable person for society who has some ideas, some prospects, some confusions, some questions regarding this awesome world and passion to change human environment with full of luxury, facility, safety and security.

We are providing service modules as below:

  • Documents - By this module you can share documents, images, programs etc.

  • Groups - By this module you can schedule or start group discussion with your group on any specific topic.

  • Ideas - By this module you can share your innovative ideas with your group members and take suggestions and feedback.

  • Prospects - This module provides one blog through which you can broadcast your prospect on our web site.

  • Question and Answer - You can solve your queries by broadcasting them on the site. You can also help other user by answering their questions.

We warmly welcome you to visit our site:

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About Us

We all are very good friends and we wanted to do something innovative so we decided to create Yojnakar Innovation. Yojnakar Innovation is our dream to be chase and a fun-time confederation.

Our team:

Director & Programmer

Engr. Nisarg Desai

Nisarg Desai

Engr. Nisarg Desai is cross-platform/multi-platform programmer from India. He served as head of software faculty in well known computer institutes and guided hundreds of students for software development and programming subjects. He independently as well as with team created sevral softwares and worked as a trainer and software engineers in software development firm. Contact him on:

Engineers Heaven - Nisarg Desai

Engr. Bimal Chaudhry

Engineering Promoter

Bimal Chaudhry

Engr. Bimal Chaudhary is a mechanical engineer from india. He is working as a maintenance engineer in dishman carbogen amcis LTD. When I meet bimal and dicuss about engineering . I seen him very passionate about engineering .so he joined with us to explore an engineering. Contact him on:

Engineers Heaven - Bimal Chaudhry

Engr. Raviraj Patel

Engineering Promoter

Raviraj Patel

Engr. Raviraj Patel is a Electrical Engineer from india. till 3 to 4 years he did serve as an Electrical Engineer in Various Workshops in Ankleshwar GIDC in Gujrat State and since last 3 years he is working in his own founded firm that is an Electro-Mechanical Engineering workshop named Standard Technomech placed in Anjar Town of Kutch District of Gujrat state. Contact him on:

Engineers Heaven - Raviraj Patel

Please feel free to give us your feedback and suggestions.

You can write us at feedback@yojnakarinnovation.com

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